1. To request reservation will be made by mail blueosaadventures@gmail.com or by telephone to +506 85840146 or +50689557667.
  2. You should always check availability for tours, either by telephone or mail otherwise there is no response to WhatsApp +50689557667 or +50660923373
  3. Children under 4 are free
  4. Children 5 to 10 years pay half the value of the tour
  5. Children aged 11 and older will apply the normal adult fare
  6. All prices set are properly specified with rack, net rates, commission and price per additional person (specifically for sport fishing tours) should be added on other tours will pay the fee established according to age range present refer to general policies sections C, D, E.
  7. The commission rate is 20% per person and is also applicable to the rate of children under age range present; except for the tour diving, kayaking and birding where the commission applies different this is worth $ 20 per diver, $ 10 per person kayak, and $ 10 per person for birdwatching.
  8. Ground transportation is not included in the tours so you have an additional cost depending on the number of people and distance.
  9. Additional fees on transportation are not commissionable.
  10. We do not guarantee that animals can be observed every day during the tours as they are wild animals in their natural habitat and although they are the best days for observation of certain animals is not always safe.
  11. No refund of money in case you cannot see marine life and wildlife during the course of the tour.
  12. OSA BLUE ADVENTURES It is not responsible for lost items, electronics, strokes or accidents beyond our control that may occur during the tour excursions.
  13. All passengers must abide by safety rules giving guidance and captain before, during, and after the tour.
  14. The company’s obligation to promote respect for the customs, beliefs and idiosyncrasies of the community of Bahía Ballena.
  15. It is the duty of the guide, and other collaborators maintain the rules of sustainability of the company.
  16. The guide shall disclose sustainability standards applied by the company.
  17. OSA BLUE ADVENTURES it will opt in the first instance by hiring local staff or adjacent to the Bahia Ballena.
  18. It is the duty of the company to provide life jackets and obligation of the customer to use before, during and after the tour.
  19. Pets are not allowed on the tours
  20. This tour is not recommended for children under one year
  21. This tour is not recommended for women who are pregnant
  22. The company does not offer any medication to any customer
  23. It is forbidden to consume alcohol and smoking during tour
  24. The / The customer must sign the waiver or release sheet that is offered in the office
  25. The customer must submit your voucher to the service provider when presented to the tour operator.
  26. If a client report previously have a disease, allergy, or gluten free, vegan, vegetarian among others.
  27. No people or customers will be accepted drunk or showing signs of drug use or other.
  28. They can avail facilities OSA BLUE ADVENTURES before, during and after the tour tell yourself showers, and restrooms.
  29. Respect must be maintained before, during and after the tour between crew – customers and vice versa.
  30. For complaints and / or suggestions we have a suggestion box.